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New Mexico MVD Test Fact Sheet:

How many questions:25
How many correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%

The New Mexico motorcycle written knowledge test is a 25-question, multiple-choice test, on which you must score 80% or better to pass. Once you pass the test, as either part of a Basic RiderCourse or at an MVD office, you can receive your learner’s permit after paying $10 and meeting other requirements or get your four-year license if you pay $18. Some MVD field offices may only accept cash or check. You cannot start the test after 3 p.m. at any MVD office. When you feel that you have studied the Basic RiderCourse Handbook and/or 2018 New Mexico Driver Manual sufficiently, this simulator is the final step in your test preparation. It is designed to be as much like the real motorcycle knowledge test as possible, with the same number of questions, no hints or explanations, and the same passing score required, as the test will stop instantly once you “fail.” This MVD motorcycle permit test simulator is the perfect tool to help remove your fear of the unknown, as it is very similar to the real testing conditions you’ll face.

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Passing score required at the NM MVD: 80%
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